5 Best Word Games For iOS

Word games are one of the most typical game on the iOS platform, with a large number of games and simple playing method. Thousands of gamers play this kind of game every day and have their own favorite choice. Due to the average vote, let’s take a look to find out top 5 best word games for iOS.

5. Draw Something

This special type of word games scored 4.6 stars with 24,5K ratings. OMGPOP designed an interesting combination of drawing and word guessing. Players may challenge their friends and family by letting them guess what they drew.

This application has been released since 2012 and many people still own this games on their phone. Draw Something nowadays has more additional features due to many updates to satisfy gamers experiences. More colourful, more fresh content, more joyful. In fact, many people see this game as a useful sketch note application, not just a game.

4. WordBrain

MAG Interactive developed this game as an exercise process of the brain, and it actually did. Players will receive a word puzzle, and they have to find as much word as possible by link all the letter together. However, not all of those words will be accepted, only the right word with the right length. Due to each level, the number of the required word is different, and each word in this game has its own score. The more score you get, the better brain size you show in this game.

WordBrain scored 4.6 stars with 30.8K users ratings all over the world. This game is totally fascinated with the in-game effects and those small animal icons which represent for levels is really fun and adorable.

3. Word Link

One of the most interesting word game for your leisure time. This game contains 3 game modes: normal mode, time mode and daily puzzle. You have to unlock time mode and daily puzzle by playing enough level in the normal mode.

A small poor hanging guy will be the victims in this game, and every time you link the wrong words or wrong order of letters, he will be pulled up higher and keep crying. If you found all of the correct words in this level, he will smile and give you in-game diamonds as the reward. This game does not require internet connections to play, and you may play the previous levels any time you want. More than 23.7K players rated this game 4.6 stars in average, and it really deserves this score.

2. Word Cookies

The best word game title to recommend. If you are a bookworm, also a big fan of cooking, this game is totally yours. Players will be a chef and rank up their position due to many levels in this “cooking class”. One of the good things of playing this game is that you can find cheats on different websites such as word cookies answers. This website is totally dedicated in providing answers for all word cookie levels. The game playing is not much different from other games, however, BitMango designed this game really good. All the aspect of music and themes make Word Cookies more relaxing and funny, and each update makes this game smoother and more interesting. That is the reason why Word Cookies scored 4.6 stars out of 5 from 51.2K ratings. If BitMango may reduce the number of advertisement in-game, it totally can be the best word game on iOS.

1. Word Crossy

More than 78K players rated this game 4.6 stars out of 5 in average. If you ever played this game, your brain will totally be challenged with the increasing of difficulty levels. The charming themes must be the biggest factors to get the first place of word game on App Store of Word Crossy. A lot of beautiful theme picture and stunning playing effect will make your days with a lot of joy and creation.