Mobile Gaming Trends

gamingGaming has always been a lucrative market and the gaming industry is ever increasing in an attempt to satisfy our desire and hunger towards game. Mobile gaming market is no different competition is fierce and unkind. When mobile phones were in their initial stages hardcore gamer had really never given it a chance. It was merely for gamer to satisfy their arcade desires. But now that the smartphones has taken over the market mobile games trends has completely changed.

The popularity of mobile games even beat out the games exclusively for consoles. In the year 2106 mobile phones has generated the most revenue 35million dollars even beating out PC. But the number of mobile games is very large compared to other gaming platforms. Each day thousands of games are being added to game stores and get picked by the gaming audience is sheer luck. Even games with big company labels do miserably.

The mobile games trends is somewhat complex,while if the game is successful it can do quite well since it reaches a larger audience,but it can drastically fail also. Moreover almost all the mobile games are fermium that is the game is free to download with in app purchases, thus even if a large number of gamer play, the game success is not guaranteed. Also due to the low budget of the mobile apps developers are unable to support the game if it becomes a sensation and in time the hype is lost. For example, this year the mobile gaming industry was taken by a storm when Pok√©mon go hit the markets and it became a overnight sensation. But due to low funding and workforce of niantic labs it wasn’t able to satisfy the gamer needs and since then has become dead now.

Many examples can be cited, floppy bird earned a lot of revenue but it is also dead now. The latest trends show that proper time should be given in developing and supporting the game. Developers should look to do what blizzard did in PC. The only game which somewhat is still popular over the years is clash of clan, due to their regular updates and listening to the demands of the players and constantly working out the glitches.
The mobile games trends are ever changing with research showing that virtual reality could hit big if done properly and tend to need of the gamer. Moreover with recent transformation of smartphones to run games with higher graphics might attract the big developers. Thus a lot of things are speculative and only time will tell what the mobile games trends future holds for us.